Saint-Béat, overlooks the River Garonne in a majestic corridor bordered by the mountains. With this authentic setting, its medieval heritage, its tourist assets, its numerous shops and services, which will allow you to appreciate the town and life in Saint-Béat. The marble city since antiquity, its contemporary notoriety comes from its festival of sculpture and the numerous statues to discover.

Saint-Béat welcomes you and invites you to explore.

Nature offers many activities, such as hiking or mountain biking, white-water sports, and fishing. Its facilities, such as the summer pool, tennis court, football pitch, skate park, climbing walls and its festive life promise that you will never to be bored.

Guest rooms allow you to discover the village at your own pace and enjoy its surroundings.

Saint-Béat has shops: bakery, hairdressers, grocer, wine shop, pharmacy, newsagent, tobacco shop, craft shop, gallery, a multimedia library …

Automatic cash machine at Crédit Agricole

The festival of sculpture and marble in July: Symposium, sculpture courses, exhibitions….

A little history…

Occupied by indigenous peoples such as the Garunni, Saint-Béat developed mostly from the first century BC and many ancient vestiges testify to its reputation for marble. Its medieval heritage, the castle and its ramparts, its Romanesque church, its museum and its many chapels, testifies to the rich past of Saint-Béat and allows various cultural visits that will enhance your stay.

To see, to do

The mill of the arts

The castle, 12th and 15th century

The museum: virgin of the hope of the twelfth century and the Trinity fifteenth century…

The St-Anne chapel (at the castle)

The chapel of Saint-Roch, 1655

The church of Saint-Béat, Romanesque, twelfth century

The church of Saint-Laurent, 12th to 19th century


Old Consular House

Marshal Galliéni

Old bridge, mid-19th century



Monday, Wednesday, Thursday :
09h00 - 12h00
14h00 - 17h00
Tuesday :
09h00 - 12h00

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