Pyrenees Paragliding

Leisure for the everyone in the company of a state-certified instructor, you will discover the pleasures of flying like a bird during a flight of 15 to 20 min minimum. The flights take place in Superbagnères / Luchon in winter and summer, this site being the largest in the Pyrenees in terms of difference in altitude (a descent of 1,200 m!). In the inter-season flights can be scheduled at the resort of Mourtis (1,200 m as well!)

No physical condition is required since only a few steps are needed for the take-off and the landing being made in only 3 steps! The youngest of our passengers was 4 years old and the oldest nearly 90 years old.

Several types of flights are offered, from baptisms to educational flight and a one-hour passion flight! You have to remember your your jumper, a windbreaker and especially a good pair of mountain type shoes or training shoes. Reservations are made by phone or directly on the website.

We are 2 pilots Freddy and Alain, who propose you this outdoor activity and we can re-discover the dream of Icarus together!

Appointments are made from the ski lift gondolas in Luchon, or in front of the campsite “Theï la Garonnette” at Le Mourtis. Children’s flights are scheduled in the morning in the calm air without breezes. The educational and passion flights, are ideally planned in the mid-afternoon in the rising thermals. We fly throughout the year and your experience of sharing the world of birds will undoubtedly remain stay with you.

For a family flight or with friends, two monitors are at your disposal.

Do not forget your camera or camcorder!


Flight in tandem - initiation, per person 80 €
Flight in tandem - initiation, per person groups of 4 75 €
Educational flight 100 €
Passion Flight 120 €
Payment methods Cheque, Cash, Chèque vacances


All year

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