Pyrenees liberté

Pyrénées Liberté invites you to discover and observe, the fauna and flora of the Pyrenees, during hikes of your choice and adapted to your level, for a half day, full day or several days, with nights in a cabin or refuge .

Encounter the mountains in all seasons, on foot, by mountain bike, off-road scooter or snowshoes, in the company of a former high mountain rescuer (23 years of experience in High Mountain Gendarmerie Peloton – PGHM).

All Seasons:

  • Mountain biking, explanations of the basic techniques and improvement on marked trails, or on adventure courses in mountainous areas, with fun descents.
  • TTT: All Terrain Scooter, from the Mourtis station to Saint-Béat, by trails. This itinerary of 12 kilometres of descent is accessible from 10 years with parents, or groups of children from 12 years. An itinerary for children ages 9 to 11 is also possible as far as Saint-Béat.
  • Introduction to the All Terrain Scooter from 6/8 years old. Absence of too steep slopes and broken ground. These sessions take place on the lawn of the resort of Mourtis, no rocks or trees on the small trail which set up with teaching material. We do not use a ski lift, which is too difficult for young participants. The slope being gentle, pushing the TTT up the climb teaches them to move the cycle by hand. I can travel to holiday centres with a gentle slope and grassy terrain. Scooters and helmets adapted to age. From 6 years old.
  • In hiking, discover of our heritage, mountain life and its economy. Learning map reading and orientation with a compass, GPS and altimeter. Do you want to discover new landscapes? To walk in the footsteps of the Pyrenean wildlife? Or simply to escape for a walk in the mountains? Hiking is the ideal activity for you.


Snowshoeing, studying the snowpack, understanding avalanches and using the avalanche victim search device (ARVA).


  • Walks around the resort of Mourtis, half day, with identification of traces of animals and trees of our forests. Fun routes also suitable for children. Ideal for discovering and learning about snowshoeing.
  • High altitude walk, with use of the Mourtis resort chairlift. Arrival in front of the Peak of the Aneto, the highest peak of the Pyrenees. Return to the station is made by a magnificent descent, first down a valley, then in a forest of fir trees populated by deer. This half day excursion can be transformed into day out with picnic in an altitude hut.
  • Excursions by day, with picnic in a mountain hut or just in the nature, in the massifs of Mourtis, Haute Garonne Valley, Luchonnais and Bourg d’Oueil, Barousse, Nistos and finally the Val d’Aran (in Spain). Depending on the conditions, crossing frozen alpine lakes, unforgettable panoramas from the summits and passes.
  • Nocturnal walks, with torches or with headlamps and with warm wine. Possibility to taste a Savoyard fondue  in a cabin during this walk or to taste the gastronomy of the country in a lodgings, on our return.

Pyrenees Freedom Airboard:

On the Airboard stadium at the Mourtis station, Philippe will welcome you to a green piste, forbidden to skiers and snowboarders, which is equipped with modules.

Duration: 1h30 / session Minimum age: 7 years

Tracks of “border cross” can be set up on the stadium, at Mourtis, (on request) with mini-stakes and slalom jumps in the course. Small competitions, in the form of eliminations in each round can be organised. Great fun for groups and seminars… unforgettable moments! Book in advance.

Areas of activity: Central Pyrenees, Spain (Val d’Aran, Catalonia and Aragon), Hautes-Alpes.

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