Pyrénées Hô

The Comminges big adventure park welcomes you to its 13 hectare site, filled with trees rocks and cliffs.

Discover fun activities based around the two elements of Earth and Water: the Labyrinth, pedal karting, underground… more than 140 games and activities for young and not so young! Try the tests of the 5 Elements through the raised trails in the trees and over the rocks (activities for over 3 yr olds).

Climb, descend, hold tight to the rocks, slide along  cables through the empty air, these are things you can do that you will remember forever…

Hardened adventurers or beginners, progress at your own rhythm and in total safety.

The raised trails through the trees – accrobranche, unique, thrilling, testing. For your security just clip on and follow the safety line, these trails are classed by age and difficulty.


The basic entry formula for the park – gives access to all the ground based activities

Soléovertig’Hô ( from 12 yrs)

All the ground based activities + giant Tyrolean rope slide + free jump

Accro’Hô   3 / 5 ans    At PYRÉNÉES HÔ, even the little ones have their own activities!

You accompany your child from the ground as they follow the trails adapted to their age group. They are equipped with a security belt and a “Charlie”, a little dolly wheel on the security line which they cannot detach.

An order of ascending difficulty

  • les Cabanes: A nice trail in the trees but close to the ground.
  • les Tonneliers: A short trail with a crawl section through the trees.
  • les Tailleurs de pierre: A trail mostly over the rocks.
  • le Zébul’hô: A mixed trail with a good Tyrolean rope slide.

Accro’Hô  6/11 yrs and family

Learn and play together, adults and children on higher trails – accrobranche  – very varied and adapted to all. If you don’t want to climb you can of course follow from the ground.

  • le Zébul’hô: For children from 6 yrs.
  • l’Oursailler: Mixed trail which finishes with a slide.
  • le Grimp’cailloux: Nice mixed trail with Tyrolean rope slide.
  • le P’tit Montagnard: Trail mostly over the rocks with a test of balance.
  • le Tyros: Trail mostly on the trees with large Tyrolean rope slides.
  • les Charbonniers: There are 2 trails: to the right it is predominantly rocky and to the left (from 10 yrs) through the trees with balance tests and see-saws.

Accro’Hô   12 yrs + and adults

Discover these unique trails in a crazy atmosphere. Progress through the trees and over the rocks in a series of aerial games,Via Ferrata and rope slides… Our trails are open to all, sporty or otherwise and are evolving and progressive.

  • les Charbonniers: 2 trails, 1 essentially over rocks the other through the trees. 2 moods, to get you in the mood…
  • les Montagnols: Through a rocky canyon.
  • la Goutte d’eau: To start, a series of Tyrolean rope slides and then continue on over the rocks.
  • le Sylver: Very nice long trail and you will love the tests of balance as you progress through the trees.
  • le Canopé’hô : NEW in 2016! A unique trail which starts on the cliffs and leads on to 2 kms of Tyrolean rope slides! Sensational! (from 14 yrs and accompanied)


Accro’Hô  (from 12 yrs and adults) + free jump + Giant Tyrolean slide

Companies : seminars : etc.

Pyrénées-Hô will organise your group day out in an exceptional setting of 13 hectares of trees, rocks and cliffs!

A large meeting room is available for your use.

Activities outside the park:

VIA FERRATA: A new experience for you on the via ferrata of Rouziet! Fully equipped so you can climb the cliffs along the cables and with ladders. With or without a guide you will get a fantastic view over the site! Contact for more details.

CANYON: Slide, jump, descend a torrent without the aid of a boat in the middle of the rocks! From the age of 6 yrs, accompanied by a professional, equipment supplied, contact us for more details.

CLIMBING: Climb to “your summit”, equipment and guide supplied. Cliff for beginner or experienced climbers on site.

Spend a night in the forest and share your stories round the camp fire! Choose your formula: in a cabin for groups, in a trapper’s hut (1 to 4 persons), under tipis (1 to 5 people) or suspended in a bubble tent (1 to 3 people).

Enjoy your day by picnicking on the park, barbecues tables and benches at your disposal, refreshment bar and covered terrace, free parking, dogs on leash accepted …


Solé'Hô 6 €
Soléovertig'Hô 13 €
Accro'Hô - 3/5 yrs 13.50 €
Accro'Hô - 6/11 yrs 13.5 €
Accro'Hô - 12 yrss + and adults 22.5 €
Accrovertig'Hô 29 €
Payment methods Credit card, Cheque, Cash, Chèque vacances

Equipment & Services

Parking, Barbecue

Spoken languages


All year

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