Le Moulin des Arts

Located in the centre of Saint-Béat – the city of marble, this mill was founded in the course of the 16th century and continued to produce flour up until the 1960s. In 2001 it was acquired by the town, who then undertook its restoration.

The mill is part of the local history and unique in its type, being the only mill in Europe having 3 puits or chambers, in white marble (of Saint-Béat).

Le Moulin des Arts is a residence for artists, for exhibitions, workshops and an Eco-museum.

Le Moulin des Arts Eco-museum houses a collection of objects from the 19th and 20th centuries which have for purpose to represent the traditional crafts of our region.

There are more than 400 exhibits covering 40 different crafts and trades.

You can discover these exhibits through several themed guides:

  • Working with wood;
  • Working with iron;
  • Working with leather;
  • Hunting and beasts of burden;
  • Working in the fields;
  • Transport;
  • Life in the 19th century

You can discover this local heritage and accompany artists during the realisation of their artistic projects.



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