La transhumance

Each year there is a festival to celebrate the transhumance – the seasonal migration of sheep and cattle to the high pastures.

In the Saint-Béat valleys, at the end of May or beginning of June,  the shepherds and their flocks make the journey to the plateau of l’Escalette in what is called the transhumance

This migration to the high pastures is an ancestral tradition, which consists of taking the animals (sheep, goats, cows or horses) to spend the summer in the high mountains, to preserve the lowland pastures. These periods spent in the mountains are called the estives and it is a time when the animals can enjoy the high quality mountain forage.

This seasonal event is an occasion to accompany the animals on a beautiful mountain walk.

It is also a chance to learn more about the work of the farmers and to set off for a visit to the mountains. Sometimes it is possible to help out with the shearing of the sheep! The children will love it.

Share in this traditional transhumance along the paths and trails leading to the mountains and join in a traditional meal with local produce.

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