Fos, is a border village, in the high valley of the Garonne nestled in a remarkable setting of greenery and calmness, ideal for a stroll and relaxation.

Hanging on the sunny slopes of the mountain side, its lower part extends to between the tumultuous bed of the Garonne and the road that leads towards Spain.


Strolling through the streets and the squares you will discover this mountain village with its clustered houses, dry stone walls and steeply sloping slate roofs lined with stairs called pénales. Its fountains, basins and wash-houses, with old wooden pillars that once upon a time were used for washing clothes and linens.

  • Not to be missed are the chapels of the Place du Marjas and of Saint Sebastien, built in the 19th century to protect the inhabitants against epidemics, which testify to the influence of religion on the population.
  • Don’t forget to visit the Porte du Castéras, former Roman oppidum, the watch tower and the feudal castle that overlooks the valley and seems to reign over it.
  • Likewise, the staircase with imperfectly adjusted slabs leading to the top of the village, the bridges that improved the means of communication across the valley, the old mill which has now become a Gite, where the villagers worked for generation after generation.
  • Characteristic of the old economy organised around agriculture and livestock, are imposing barns which sheltered between their walls the cattle and which have large ventilated attics, used to store reserves of forage for the animals.
  • Since the beginning of the century the landscape has changed greatly, crops of wheat, sarrazin and vines disappearing in favour of forest, as the mountain returns to a more wild habitat.

Young or old, alone or with your family, you can practice your favourite sports in a place where it is good to spend your holidays: tennis, cycling… Walks within reach of all towards the Plan d’Arem, by the banks of the river, the castéras and to the nearest villages of Melles and Arguts, will make you appreciate nature, with its streams, its cascades and a particularly abundant vegetation of green pastures and of undergrowth where the mushrooms grow in abundance.

Many other attractions are held throughout the year: brandon, lotto, méchoui, mounjetado, local festival…


Monday, Thursday :
14h00 - 17h30
Tuesday :
14h00 - 16h30
Friday :
14h00 - 17h00

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