Espace pump track

Le Mourtis station can now offer you a free access, pump track, so the maximum number of you can discover this exciting discipline.

A Pump track is a space filled with bumps and berms so that you can practice your biking technique and experience the sensations of jumps and tight bends.

Take to the track and practice “pumping” your bike to gain more speed on the descents so you can fly further.

  1. It teaches you how to pump the terrain to gain speed.
  2. It teaches you how to ride berms and improve cornering.
  3. It teaches you how to maintain momentum in order to ride as fast as possible.
  4. It helps you learn how to look several steps ahead of where you’re riding.
  5. It creates a playful bike-handling style, allowing you to see interesting lines on the trail.
  6. It provides an intense full-body workout in a very short amount of time.
  7. It’s tons of fun!

The pump track is open to you all, whatever bike you have!

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