Base de Fronsac

7500 m² of wooded and undulating land.

With complete equipment – over suit, breastplate (top of the body) and covering mask, explanations on the handling of the launcher and some safety instructions, we go to the ground adjoining the base to the combat site.

The first of many scenarios begins 1h30 to 2h of games and action. After the last shot, return to the Antignac base where you change into drier clothes before sharing, with a snack, your impressions of the game.

If you are a novice, the first moments can be surprising. From beginning you will have the exciting sensation of being able to hit your opponent there, in front. Entry into action, first shots and a new sensation… to be hit in your turn. The adrenaline rises and there you are, running, shooting, hiding, moving, shooting again, hiding…

At the end of the activity, everyone agrees that it is very active and that it is full of adventure, successful, missed opportunities (it depends for whom!), but always lived intensely, playfully and friendly.

Paintball is a confrontation activity, the balls of natural dye launched by markers with compressed air confirm the hit of the opponent.

Based on scenarios proposed by the facilitator, two teams compete against each other with constantly improving tactics.

Despite a warrior image, the paintball remains according to the way it is approached, an active game but an extremely friendly game.

To be practiced as a group or with the whole family – minimum age of 11 years – (see prices – group (6 persons) and family (3 persons))

The facilitator will adapt to everyone’s desires and will follow the decisions of all.

Provide: closed shoes, covering sportswear.


1 game with 200 balls / person 30 €
Payment methods Cheque, Cash, Bank transfer, Chèque vacances

Spoken languages


All year

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